Chemistry for Multimolecular Crowding Biosystems



Purpose of Our Research

Cells and tissues are crowding multimolecular biosystems wherein various biological molecules miscellaneously and densely exist in different closed compartments. The purpose of our research area is to establish a new chemical approach for functional analysis and artificial regulation of biological molecules residing in crowded biosystems. By applying leading-edge knowledge and technology from broad research areas, we are creating new chemical methodologies and technologies. These will contribute to further progress in chemical biology, drug discovery, and disease diagnosis and control. Our intensive efforts will overcome difficulties encountered in present methodologies and technologies, leading to a new frontier of biologically relevant chemistry.

Organization of this area

    • A01

      Organic Chemistry Allowing Modification and Functional Analysis of Biomolecules under Multimolecular Crowding Conditions

      Itaru Hamachi

    • A01

      Organic Chemistry for Irreversible Protein Inhibition and Its Application to Covalent Drug Discovery

      Akio Ojida

    • A01

      Dissection and Regulation of Plant Function with Synthetic Molecules

      Shinya Hagihara

    • A02

      Development of mimicked biological systems for multimolecular crowding and functional materials working in cells

      Naoki Sugimoto

    • A02

      Mechanism and Regulation of Protein Aggregation under Cellular Systems

      Yuji Goto

    • A02

      Informational Thermodynamics for Multimolecular Crowding Biosystems in Aqueous Environment

      Shigenori Tanaka

    • A03

      Mapping Device for Multimolecular Crowding Biosystems in Cancer Microenvironment

      Yoshinobu Baba

    • A03

      Hybrid cell device for the control of multi molecular crowding

      Kazuhito Tabata

    • A03

      Molecular tracer-mediated targeting to cancer and neuronal cells

      Atsushi Natsume